Gautam Buddha Park

Lucknow is a city of Nawabs. It got many budget Lucknow Service Apartments . If I start talking about places in India fit for vacation, I wouldn’t be able to stop at all. Travelling is my passion and I love travelling. What can be more refreshing than travelling to new place, getting to know the people following the instincts of a traveler inside me? It is truly fantastic. One particular place in India that I always love to travel to is Lucknow. I can never get bored with the city. I would like to visit the city again and again. This Nawabi city with rich Indian heritage culture is an awesome place to visit for vacation. Lucknow is the capital city of Norther state of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow is the largest city in Uttar Pradesh and third largest city in north, east and central India after Delhi and Kolkata. If you want to see the real mannerism, then you have to visit this place. There are so many places in Lucknow for you to visit. But, one of the top attractions in Lucknow is Gautam Buddha Park. This famous park fit for a family outing is spot on for fun and exciting day. So, let us dig into some information about the place. Let us start with history of the place, what to do, visiting time and all.


Gautam Buddha Park is a famous park in Lucknow located in the middle of Martyr’s Memorial and Bada Imambara. This park is really famous for a family outing.

The park was founded in the year1980. This park has been founded to honor the life of the Gautam Buddha who had spent a considerable time of his life in the city Lucknow. The history of Lucknow also tells us that the city has its root cause with the Lord Gautam Buddha. Lucknow was previously known as Nucklow. Nucknow means the nails of Lord Gautam Buddha.

The park has several children’s rides making it favorite spot for children and perfect for family outing. You will find lush green parks. There are paddle boats in the canal as well.


Best time to visit, timings

You can visit the Gautam Buddha Park throughout the year. But for your comfort, you can think of visiting the place during October to March when there is nice weather. You can feel the cold breeze and maximize the fun part with nice and cool weather.

But if you want hassle free vacation then you can think of visiting during April and July. Because during this time, tourists generally retreats home and you can have the place all to yourself. The Gautam Buddha Park is opened for visitors from 07:00 a.m. in the morning till 09:00 p.m. in the evening throughout the week.


Things to do

Well, there are many things to do in this amusement park of Lucknow. You can enjoy the every bit of the park. You can be part of the amusement themes available in the park. There is age limit to enjoying amusements. You can indulge in good food inside the park. You can ride the water boats in the canal. You can give a visit to the nearby park called Elephant or the Hati Park. You can take photographs adding memory of your visit to the place. You will at least need 2-3 hours to fully explore this place.


Entry fee to the park is Rs.5:00.