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Gautam Buddha Park

Lucknow is a city of Nawabs. It got many budget Lucknow Service Apartments . If I start talking about places in India fit for vacation, I wouldn’t be able to stop at all. Travelling is my passion and I love travelling. What can be more refreshing than travelling to new place, getting to know the people following the instincts of a traveler inside me? It is truly fantastic. One particular place in India that I always love to travel to is Lucknow. I can never get bored with the city. I would like to visit the city again and again. This Nawabi city with rich Indian heritage culture is an awesome place to visit for vacation. Lucknow is the capital city of Norther state of Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow is the largest city in Uttar Pradesh and third largest city in north, east and central India after Delhi and Kolkata. If you want to see the real mannerism, then you have to visit this place. There are so many places in Lucknow for you to visit. But, one of the top attractions in Lucknow is Gautam Buddha Park. This famous park fit for a family outing is spot on for fun and exciting day. So, let us dig into some information about the place. Let us start with history of the place, what to do, visiting time and all.


Gautam Buddha Park is a famous park in Lucknow located in the middle of Martyr’s Memorial and Bada Imambara. This park is really famous for a family outing.

The park was founded in the year1980. This park has been founded to honor the life of the Gautam Buddha who had spent a considerable time of his life in the city Lucknow. The history of Lucknow also tells us that the city has its root cause with the Lord Gautam Buddha. Lucknow was previously known as Nucklow. Nucknow means the nails of Lord Gautam Buddha.

The park has several children’s rides making it favorite spot for children and perfect for family outing. You will find lush green parks. There are paddle boats in the canal as well.


Best time to visit, timings

You can visit the Gautam Buddha Park throughout the year. But for your comfort, you can think of visiting the place during October to March when there is nice weather. You can feel the cold breeze and maximize the fun part with nice and cool weather.

But if you want hassle free vacation then you can think of visiting during April and July. Because during this time, tourists generally retreats home and you can have the place all to yourself. The Gautam Buddha Park is opened for visitors from 07:00 a.m. in the morning till 09:00 p.m. in the evening throughout the week.


Things to do

Well, there are many things to do in this amusement park of Lucknow. You can enjoy the every bit of the park. You can be part of the amusement themes available in the park. There is age limit to enjoying amusements. You can indulge in good food inside the park. You can ride the water boats in the canal. You can give a visit to the nearby park called Elephant or the Hati Park. You can take photographs adding memory of your visit to the place. You will at least need 2-3 hours to fully explore this place.


Entry fee to the park is Rs.5:00.












Role of Indian Media in Democracy

With the invent of हिंदी समाचार and many other similar online news site, the debate on role of Indian Media in Democracy has become live again.


Democracy is a system where people choose their representatives and that representative rule the constituency accordingly. Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, ruling of the majority. Democracy is defined as a government in which there is power in the hands of the people through a system of representation. Democracy gives the power to the people to choose and replace the government through free and fair elections. Democracy involves political system where rights of citizens are protected, active participation of citizens in politics and civics, laws and procedures to be followed by the citizens. Today, we live in a world where freedom is necessity and media plays a vital role in democratic society. Democracy and free economy work hand in hand and media is the link between the common people and the elected government.

Role of Media

Role of media is very vast in shaping democracy. Media is a very powerful tool that can make and break the public media-2opinion. Media can influence the public very easily with faith of public bestowed upon the media. Media make us realize the scenarios around us by bringing news about social, political and economic activities happening around the world. That is why, media has been regarded as the backbone of democracy.

It is through the media that the government need to act accordingly and correct their wrongdoings otherwise there will be chaos everywhere and power will be misused. It makes the politicians realized what they had promised and what they need to do. During election, media help the people educating how to elect correct person for themselves who will work for their betterment. Media keeps a track on politicians and made them fulfilled their promises made during the elections.


There are many purposes of media. One such purpose is education. Media has to educate people about things happening. We come to know what is happening through media and we gain knowledge making us enable to take decision reasonably. We find out the truth and harsh reality.

Entertainment is another face of media. In fact media is a medium of entertainment for masses through the platform of Radio, TV, cinemas and magazines. Entertainment industry is growing and media plays a big role in it. People are always amused to find out about things.

News and current affairs are circulated through media only. All the latest happenings around the world are covered and made available to the masses. Weather, politics, war, health, finance, science, fashion, music, etc. are covered.

Another important purpose of media is political awareness. Media covers all the news regarding the political system, make the people aware of the situations, build public opinion and has a great role in bringing common people closer to their representatives. Media can make the people decide what is best for themselves by bringing out all the harsh realities. Media can make the people realize their rights and take better decisions.

Another purpose is public announcements. Media is the platform used to spread informative messages to the public. Be it to publish notices, give a warning, give a message, these are all done through media.

One basic agenda of media nowadays is advertisement. Business concerns advertise their products through media to sell their products.


Therefore, we can make conclusion that without media, there cannot be democracy and there cannot be awareness. It is because of the media that politicians act on their words and works fulfilling their promises made for getting elected in the next term. Well, we can say that not everything is perfect and so is the case with the media. With the changing scenario and commercialization of media, there is no freedom to report everything rightfully. Nowadays, media houses have become money making factory and work for TRPs. We hope this phase will end soon and once again act in its right path for the betterment of the common people and help in defining the true meaning of democracy.

Indian Media, prestitutes and news traders

In the turbulent times like these when India is facing the toughest challenge of its history in the form of recurrent terror attack a great debate on media role is going on. Many specially the ones who rely more on social media brand MSM as prestitutes. Couple of months back even a minister named MSM as news traders.
No doubt social media exaggerate facts, however there is indeed some basis behind branding Indian media as news traders. Lately Indian news forgot waht they are – That is Indian News. In the name of TRP, they will show anything. Even till this point it was OK, however few TV channels and journalists are engaged in fabricating the stories to get TRP. Spicier the better. So what they do is create sensational news.
There are another set of journalists. The journalist with clear liking / dislikings of a political party. Gone are the days when journalists used to be neutral. Now a days majority of journalist openly support their specific political parties. Now a days if you are AAP supporter you will watch X reporter, if you are BJP sympathizer then watch ABC channel. In times like these where is essence of reporting.

Then there are business houses that own media. These business houses decide polity and economy of country through their crony media channels. A media channel owned by specific group promotes its own products while creating damaging news for competitors.

Even till this point it was not so bad. Lately n order to show their neutrality many journalist start talking against the country. For them only way to show neutrality is if you favor each and every anti Indian sentiment. While watching all this as a common citizen is really frustrating. Once after such a gruelling session I saw a person was so irritated he almost broke his TV.

Another major issue happening is print media is fighting its battle of surviving. On one hand electronic media has eaten a large pie of share, web media and social media has taken big pie as well. So to compete print media has turned out into non stop TRP hungry without fact catchy spicy headline garbage. Many news are create djust for sentimentalization. Front page of all leading dailies are almost always 18+.

The biggest problem in Indian media is lack of transparency. Ideally Media houses should disclose very clearly who owns them. Also all media houses must come under RTI ambit. That way normal public can trust them. Till the time it does not happen people will call names.