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Indian Media, prestitutes and news traders

In the turbulent times like these when India is facing the toughest challenge of its history in the form of recurrent terror attack a great debate on media role is going on. Many specially the ones who rely more on social media brand MSM as prestitutes. Couple of months back even a minister named MSM as news traders.
No doubt social media exaggerate facts, however there is indeed some basis behind branding Indian media as news traders. Lately Indian news forgot waht they are – That is Indian News. In the name of TRP, they will show anything. Even till this point it was OK, however few TV channels and journalists are engaged in fabricating the stories to get TRP. Spicier the better. So what they do is create sensational news.
There are another set of journalists. The journalist with clear liking / dislikings of a political party. Gone are the days when journalists used to be neutral. Now a days majority of journalist openly support their specific political parties. Now a days if you are AAP supporter you will watch X reporter, if you are BJP sympathizer then watch ABC channel. In times like these where is essence of reporting.

Then there are business houses that own media. These business houses decide polity and economy of country through their crony media channels. A media channel owned by specific group promotes its own products while creating damaging news for competitors.

Even till this point it was not so bad. Lately n order to show their neutrality many journalist start talking against the country. For them only way to show neutrality is if you favor each and every anti Indian sentiment. While watching all this as a common citizen is really frustrating. Once after such a gruelling session I saw a person was so irritated he almost broke his TV.

Another major issue happening is print media is fighting its battle of surviving. On one hand electronic media has eaten a large pie of share, web media and social media has taken big pie as well. So to compete print media has turned out into non stop TRP hungry without fact catchy spicy headline garbage. Many news are create djust for sentimentalization. Front page of all leading dailies are almost always 18+.

The biggest problem in Indian media is lack of transparency. Ideally Media houses should disclose very clearly who owns them. Also all media houses must come under RTI ambit. That way normal public can trust them. Till the time it does not happen people will call names.