China – A famous tourist destinations of the world

About the Place – from all the Asian countries, this country comes in the category of most visited places in the world. It is one of the original proofs of human civilization. It has been cited as one of the most complex economies in the world due to its cyclical history of prosperity n decline. It is well known as the world’s largest exporter and the world’s second largest importer, so there is no doubt that the country can be visited by more than 55.6 million tourists every year.


Location & Weather – it is a populous nation situated in East Asian region. It is an ancient, mysterious and a beautiful land and is always appealing to the foreign tourists in all seasons. It is the third largest country in the world with a wide variety of terrain and climate which shape its natural attractions. It also has a variety of resources, plants, animals and minerals, which has nurtured its people.


Culture – it is proud on her many people, long history, resplendent culture and distinctive customs. Its art and crafts, including painting, calligraphy, silk, embroidery and operas are distinctive and unique. Kung fu, a martial art which is more popular nowadays in the other parts of the world, is a part of Chinese culture for centuries. It is also popularly known for its traditional and modern Chinese food, which is made and exported in all over the world.

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Why China is famous for – it is mainly famous for its vast landscapes with grasslands, dessert, mountains, lakes, rivers and more than 14, 000km of coastline. Its capital city is Beijing which mixes modern architecture with historic sites. Another famous building is the Shanghai which is a skyscraper-studded with global financial center. The iconic Great Wall of China runs east to west across the country’s north side. The greatest gifts to the world are the four great inventions which are like paper, gunpowder, printing and the compass.


Things to do here – people who visit here can hike to the Great Wall of China, cuddle & play with a giant panda, and can experience a Chinese high-speed train ride. Visitors can learn here the famous tea culture in the cities or can visit to famous ethnic festivals. People can explore the China’s Seven Ancient Wonders, can visit to 7 most significant historical sites and can look up into the night shows organized in the cities. The night shows organized here includes light shows, cracker shows and light & sound shows which can be seen by the people from the cruises, ships and boats floats in the rivers nearby. There are many water towns which reflect a peaceful environment for those who love to travel outside city buzz. People can enjoy the authentic food dishes and can learn how make them also.

It has many photographic destinations, scenic sites, best beaches, beautiful mountains, national parks, landscapes, hills, Snow Mountains, good-looking rice farms, lakes and rivers. Kids can also enjoy and can visit to famous Disney land, amusement park, aquariums and ocean worlds.